BREA Organisation

Nikki Boeuf

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bahamas

Tel: (242) 702-8788
Cell: (242) 424-1879

Sally D. Hutcheson
Vice President

Salco Realty

Tel: (242) 328-6672
Cell: (242) 357-8106

Sara E. Callender

Callenders Realty Ltd.

Tel: (242) 676-6012
Cell: (242) 359-3802

Michael Lightbourn

Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty

Tel: (242) 393-8630
Cell: (242) 357-4154

Paul Antonas

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Bahamas

Tel: 242-702-8788
Cell: (242) 427-4432

Phillip Kemp

Bahamas Realty Ltd.

Tel: 242-396-0013
Cell: 242-556-0006

Brian Austin

Bahamas Realty Ltd.

Tel: +1 (242) 396-0016
Cell: +1 (242) 376-5400

Erin Bethel-Jones

Corcoran C. A. Christie Bahamas Ltd.

Tel: 242-326-4800
Cell: 242-636-9085

Stuart Halbert

Bahamas Realty Ltd.

Tel: 242-396-0034
Cell: 242-424-0554

Kim Kikivarakis-Dillett

Kikivarakis & Co.

Tel: (242) 424-0755
Cell: (242) 424-0755

Tracey Barone

Bahamas Sales & Rentals

Tel: 242-818-1879
Cell: 242-818-1879

Kimra Ritchie-Sweeting

Paul G. Ritchie Real Estate

Tel: (242) 394-2650
Cell: 558-3090

Lana Munnings-Basalyga

Bahamas Choice Real Estate

Tel: 242-677-3868
Cell: 242-357-7698

June E. Fife

Bahamas Real Estate Association

Tel: (242) 356-4578
Cell: (242) 325-4942

Committees & Chairpersons

Developers CommitteeCara Christie

To ensure that all applications have the appropriate attachments as required by the Board.

Finance & BudgetSara CallenderTo continually monitor the finances of the Association and make recommendations to the Board.
BFSB RepresentativePresident Nikki Boeuf

To represent the Bahamas Real Estate Association on the Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) and to liaise with both entities at all times to promote the real estate industry/profession offshore and to the international market.

DisciplinarySally HutchesonThe Disciplinary Committee shall hear all complaints of professional misconduct referred to it by the Investigation Committee in such manner as may be prescribed. It is the responsibility of the Disciplinary Committee to make recommendations to the Board concerning all complaints that comes before the committee.

To investigate all complaints sent to it in the prescribed manner to determine whether such complaints should be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee to be dealt with in accordance with the Act.

Appraisal CommitteePaul Antonas

To coordinate with the Education Chairman for Appraisal Courses to be conducted by the Association, to forward Appraisal Licensing applications to the Board for approval, to inform the appropriate institutions regarding licensed appraisers.


EducationKimra Ritchie-Sweeting

To schedule, coordinate and promote education courses for the benefit of members and those wishing to become members.

International RelationsLana Munnings-Basalyga

To coordinate and promote the Association

MembershipSally HutchesonTo ensure that all applications have the appropriate attachments as required by the Board; Ensure that all applicants meet the educational requirements for membership as prescribed by the Board.

To monitor the real estate profession whereby identifying persons who are practising without a BREA license (Bahamians and non-Bahamians) by proof of advertisement/possession of business cards and to report such findings to the Board for appropriate action.

Multiple Listing ServiceBrian Austin

To oversee the implementation & maintenance of a Multiple Listing Service Program. To ensure that the membership is provided with sufficient and adequate information on the program.

LegislationPresident Nikki Boeuf

To review the current Real Estate Act and make recommendations to the Government for possible amendments. To liaise with Government on legislations that would affect the industry.